Red Castanets
Red Castanets2
Rarity ★★★★★
Type Tool
Effect Handy
Turn 30 (Reuseable)
Buy Gold -
Sell Gold 0
Steals treasure from enemies!
What he steals is up to you!
- Inventory Info

The Red Castanets is an item which comes with the IAP, Sato's Quest Box. It is rewarded once the player completes the first part of the side story.

Stealing ItemsEdit

Red Castanets can be used to steal items from enemies, which opens up some new options and trivializes farming for most items currently in the game. This completely changes the item hunt once you have access to this tool.

However, not all enemies will unique items to steal. While most enemies have their respective materials available, bosses are noted to have the dungeon's exclusive equipment or a Rare Jade in their RC wheel. Bosses also carry an extra set of items at times, which could be assessed by reseeding. Inuberus and Samurai Slime are some examples of having a rare RC wheel.

Using the RCEdit

When used, a spinning ring of available items you can steal will appear.

You have 5 seconds to tap the screen to stop the spinning and collect one of the items.

Gold SafeEdit


The Gold Safe option.

A safe is sometimes an option which appears randomly in the RC wheel. This can happen to any monster. Selecting the safe opens a new wheel entirely consisting of 100 Gold and three 1000 Gold Bags.

Life StealEdit


The Life Steal option.

When the hero is low on HP, a heart is often available among the ring of items. If selected, the enemy takes 30 damage and Yamada heals 30 HP. This is only an option when the Hero is directly next to the enemy (standing diagonally adjacent does not work).

With PakoEdit

RC combines exceptionally well with Pako for twice the thievery on high value targets.

On using once at the entrance of a floor, use Pako to reset the cooldown for a second use.This gives the RC another use before the end of the floor.

With Goemon/Thief setEdit

When fleeing as part of your strategy, consider using Goemon/Thief set.

With Prisoner SetEdit

Though not necessary, the Prisoner set's passive Stealmaster ability can be used to reduce the speed of the spinning wheel marginally.

Notable LootEdit

Some materials used in evolution can be hard to come by with regular monster drops. The table below lists some of these materials which can be easily accessed with the Red Castanets.

Monster Location Item
Premium Ores Stone Pig Morning Porkpark
Pignoon Paradise
Pignite Farm
Randomly in other dungeons
Golden Fragment Pharaoh Buddy Bonefield
Wacky Hanami Party
Toilet Island
Snowbytown Square
Randomly in other dungeons
Silver Mammoth Treasure Mamayan Ruins
Mamazoness Spear Gold Mammoth Treasure Mamayan Ruins
Greasy Sword Slime Princess Tower, 4F
Rare Jade Various bosses.* -
Skull Chairman's Decoy Chairman's Tower
Hard Beast Head Goblin King Fort Goblin
Slime Soul Samurai Slime Tokugawa Cave, 5F 6F 7F
Dragon Fang Dragon Road to Demon Lord Castle: 2
Dragon Castle
Sleep Dragon Dragon Castle
Dragon Rider Dragon Castle
8-bit Fragment 8bit Bat Secret Shrine
8bit Dark Mage Secret Shrine
8bit Dragon Secret Shrine
Black Fabric Black Suit Demon Lord Castle
Devil Wings Bat The Local Sewer, 2F

*See Rare Jade for more information


Thanks to Liuciferin from Reddit/Discord who compiled this information.