In The Brave Adventures of Yamada: Dandy Dungeon 1, Yamada gains the support of several characters to defeat the Empire Games Corporation.

In the sequel to this, Yamada takes on travels the Yamanote Line to fight Dark Solid Incorporated.

To date, the side stories to Yamada's main adventures have introduced and is currently developing on two main families: Aja's and Ayanokoji's.

The HeroEdit

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Aja FamilyEdit

See Aja Family.

Empire Games Corporation EmployeesEdit

Ayanokoji FamilyEdit

See Ayanokoji Family.

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Dark Solid Incorporated EmployeesEdit

The FourEdit

  • Doburoku
  • Heavenly King BuSuYa
  • Namazunda
  • Tataribabaa

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