Hungry Quests (HQ) work similar to gashapon mechanics. Rice Balls are fed to the Hungry Questers - Sato or Suzuki, depending on the HQ - for a chance to recover rare items usually unobtainable in dungeons, or dungeon spells which have been previously released. It is recommended to only spend Rice Balls on HQ as compared to revives or energy refill due to the exclusivity of the items offered by HQ.

There are a total of 8 Hungry Quests; Rare Spell Forest, Forest of Everything and Mine of Splendor are unlocked from the start; Alchemist's House, Time Castle and Tower of the Bad Guy are unlocked in later stages of the game. Temporary Hungry Quests include The Phantastic Paradise Castle and Weapon Castle of Phantom, which usually appear during event periods and so may drop items unique to the respective event.

You increase the level of the quests every time you run a mission, which also increases the number of treasures you obtain as well as the rarity of the items. 

Exclusive ItemsEdit

Apart from event exclusive equipment, Miracle Pots and Storage+10 are the most useful items an F2P Player can get; Premium Ores, Diamonds and Golden Fragments can be found in dungeons as loot or monster drops, while Rare Spells are seldom used for specific dungeons runs or as an evolution material.

For Miracle Pots - Forest of Everything is better: there is a higher chance to get a Miracle Pot in Forest of Everything (only 2 different Plat Chests) than Alchemist's House (4 different Plat Chests).

For Rare Spells - unlike regular scrolls, they do NOT appear in the Item shop after you obtain them. Instead, the appear in the Rare Item Shop for two Lucky Clovers or two Golden Clovers.


Aja: Yamada-san! I have some valuable information for you.

(Aja enters)

Aja: It would appear the Hungry Questers have new treasure! Some of those new treasures are excellent! You should check out the Hungry Questers ASAP!

Rare Spell ForestEdit

Rare spell forest 2017-11-02
  • Riceball(s) needed: 1
  • Chest(s) obtained: 3~4
Chest Item
Plat Storage +10
Plat Ribbit Circle
Plat First Aid Mimic
Plat Nerberus Scroll
Plat Mushroom King Scroll
Plat Storage +10
Plat Mister Thunders Scroll
Plat Water Bucket
Plat Exit Scroll
Plat Turtle Scroll*
Plat Golem Power*
Plat Holy Baby Elephant Scroll*

*Currently unavailable

Alchemist's HouseEdit

Alchemist's house 2017-11-02-22
  • Riceball(s) needed: 1
  • Chest(s) obtained: 4~5
Chest Item
Gold Fire Ore
Gold Ice Ore
Gold Thunder Ore
Gold Storage +10
Plat Premium Fire Ore
Plat Premium Ice Ore
Plat Premium Thunder Ore
Plat Miracle Pot

Time CastleEdit

Time Castle 2017-11-02
  • Riceball(s) needed: 1
  • Chest(s) obtained: 4~5
Chest Item
Gold Garbi Desert*
Gold King Sliamond Castle*
Gold Legendary Dragonkeep*
Gold Pumpkin Patch*
Gold/Plat Maestro Nobiyo's Farm
Gold/Plat Holy Thelomon Castle
Plat Danmaku Castle

*Currently unavailable

Tower of the Bad GuyEdit

Tower of the bad guy 2017-11-02
  • Riceball(s) needed: 1
  • Chest(s) obtained: 3~4
Chest Item
Gold Whip Ore
Gold Storage +10
Gold Nerberus Scroll
Gold Mushroom King Scroll
Plat Premium Whip Ore
Plat Diamond

Forest of EverythingEdit

Forest of everything 2017-11-02
  • Riceball(s) needed: 1
  • Chest(s) obtained: 5~6
Chest Item
Gold Golden Fragment*
Gold Storage +10
Gold Dark Ore
Gold Premium Dark Ore*
Gold Axe Ore
Gold Premium Axe Ore
Gold Premium Hammer Ore*
Gold Blockbuster Scroll
Gold Dragon Eyeball*
Gold Premium Gold Bar*
Plat Exit Scroll
Plat Water Bucket
Plat Miracle Pot

*Currently unavailable

Mine of SplendorEdit

Mine of Splendor 2017-11-02
  • Riceball(s) needed: 1
  • Chest(s) obtained: 5~6
Chest Item
Gold Golden Fragment
Gold Storage +10
Gold Gold Ore
Gold Premium Sword Ore
Plat Premium Holy Ore
Plat Diamond

The Phantastic Paradise CastleEdit

Phantastic Castle 2017-11-02
  • Riceball(s) needed: 2
  • Chest(s) obtained: 5~7
Chest Item
Gold Gold (various amounts)
Gold/Plat Diamond
Gold/Plat Storage +10
Gold/Plat Miracle Pot
Plat Ancient Dragon Scale
Plat Trouble Gum
Plat Level Upple

Weapon Castle of PhantomEdit

Weapon castle 2017-11-02

The drops listed are mostly event exclusive and so rotate with no specific pattern. Equipment in bold are exclusive to this HQ and cannot be obtained otherwise.

A platinum chest is guaranteed every 5 levels.

  • Riceball(s) needed: 3**
  • Chest(s) obtained: 2
  • Bonus: +3~5

**1 only on the first roll when a new Weapon Castle appears

Evolution Materials/Misc.Edit

Chest Item
Bronze 200G
Silver 1000G
Gold Silver Ore
Gold Gold Ore
Gold Golden Golf Ball
Gold Happy Clover**
Plat Gameko Statue
Plat Mithril Silver

** Happy Clover's drop rate is around 80% = 0.8 clover / run or, 0.27 clover / rice ball.