Exit Scroll
Type Scroll

Description Edit

Effects Edit

This scroll will create an exit door a few spaces in front of you, allowing you to escape the dungeon while still being able to keep your treasures.

Where To Find Edit

In the Golden Pyramid, Aja may appear on the 9F selling this scroll. You can steal/fight Aja to get it. In addition, several Hungry Questers also offer this item.

Tips & Usage Edit

Secret ShrineEdit

After visiting the 8-bit dungeon (leveling up on a 6+ floor dungeon), an Exit scroll can be used to avoid fighting the final boss while keeping Secret Shrine loot. Alternatively, aim for dungeons which have a boss which can be confidently dealt with.

Golden PyramidEdit

Instead of risking life and limb fighting the 30F boss (especially after having to deal with mulitple Arara or Gormemphis, Exit Scrolls give an option to do 29F runs instead.

As an evolution materialEdit

A (broken) Exit Scroll is needed to upgrade Yamada Scepter to its legendary form.