Equipment Layout

So, the initial paste just has the legendary equipment that was taken from Reddit.

I'd like to propose things be sorted by rarity, and not 'legendary status'. Whether descending or ascending (starting with 5 star or 1 star) equipment rarity, it just sorts better because legendary equipment is a smattering of different rarities, and since rarity determines how much you can level equipment up (and thus improve its stats) it is a better benchmark for potential across most cases.

Thought it would also be helpful as a stretch goal to list upgrade materials for all equipment able to be upgraded, as well as what it upgrades into. (a link to an anchor that takes you to the new item). Initial and maximum stats, links to the skills page for skills that will take you directly to each skill...

I'm happy to do most of the legwork on this, but I didn't want to go ahead if someone else was just going to tear it all down because they had something else in mind.